Company Name Change

Change your LLC’s name, address or member information.

What Are Amendment of LLC?

An “Amendment of LLC” is a legal form utilized to adjust key aspects of a Limited Liability Company, encompassing changes like ownership shifts, alterations in business name, modifications in management roles, updates in registered addresses, or shifts in core business operations.

This formal document is presented to the relevant state business registration entity to establish the legality of the modifications.

The procedures for filing amendments differ by state and typically entail completing designated forms and covering applicable fees.

When should I amend my LLC?

Changes or modifications to the subsequent components necessitate the provision of Amendments to the Secretary of State:

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Common Questions About Filing of Amendment

An amendment filing for an LLC is a formal process used to update or modify certain information about the company, such as changes in ownership, business name, address, or management structure.

You need to file an amendment when there are changes to critical details like ownership, business name, address, or management structure. Any significant modifications to the original information provided during the LLC’s formation usually require an amendment filing.

The process varies by state, but generally, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate amendment form from your state’s business registration agency. Fill out the form with the updated information and submit it, often with a filing fee, to the agency. You may also need to provide signatures from LLC members or managers.

 Yes, there are usually filing fees associated with submitting an amendment for your LLC. The fee amount varies depending on the state and the type of changes being made.

Generally, yes. Many states allow you to combine multiple changes into a single amendment filing. This can be more efficient and cost-effective than filing separate amendments for each change. However, it’s essential to check your state’s specific requirements and guidelines.