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LLC Formation

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What's included:

This document officially establishes your llc as a separate legal entity in your State.

Your EIN Number (or Tax ID) is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service. It will be required in order to set up a bank account.

Your Company’s Legal Documents set forth the organizational rules of your business, including ownership and profit distribution percentages, management rights and obligations, voting rights and procedures, and other matters concerning governance of your new business.

Your Banking Resolution will identify who can open and access Company bank accounts.

We also include several optional business forms that you may find useful in running your new business. These include:

  • Officer Designation, which will allow you to elect or appoint officers of your Company.
  • Meeting Minutes Templates, which will allow you to memorialize important decisions and votes by the owners and managers of your Company.
  • IRS S-Corporation Election Instructions and Form, which you may use if you would like your Company to be taxed as an S-Corporation (talk to your CPA before using).
  • Ownership Amendment, which allows you to add or remove owners or change the ownership percentages of existing owners.

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