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Bincfile  is a one-stop-shop for your new business. No confusing options.we’ll handle all the necessary filings and generate custom legal docs. Your company will be official in just 2 business days.

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+ $154.5 state filing fee

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Bincfile asked our customers what we did well and what we can do better. Here’s what some of them are saying…

Douglas Boaz Humble IV Humble Insurance and Financial Services LLC

So easy! My lawyer was going to give me the “friend” discount and charge me $1,300! And then it was going to take weeks."

Toni Skinner Four Paws Down LLC

"Everything was very easy to understand. The few things that I wasn’t clear about had videos explaining everything in simple layman’s terms.

Annabelle Schmitt Mixed Hues

"Loved how easy this whole process was. Would definitely recommend to friends looking to set up an LLC"

Michael Hausam, Sr. The Hausam Group

"Everything was so easy. I’m not sure if I can think of a single thing that could’ve been done better!"


BincFile Complete Business Formation Service

LLC/Corporation Formation Service


+ State filing fee

Rapid Turnaround: 2 business days

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got our process down pat. We file your business formation documents with your State on the same day we receive your order. Once the State approves the filing, we immediately obtain your EIN, compile your Operating Agreement, and send you all of the necessary documents that same day. Meanwhile, our competitors sit on your documents for weeks before delivering what we do in a few days—and they charge more to do it.

Most business owners should set up their LLC or corporation in the State where they live and do business. In some rare cases another option may be better for you, but don’t overthink it unless you have a very good reason to set up your business in another State. Click here to learn more.

Filing fees and turnaround times vary by State. You can see the typical processing time for your State when you fill out our business questionnaire, by choosing your State from the dropdown

You don’t have to, but LLCs and corporations provide a lot of benefits no matter the size of the business. Operating as an LLC or corporation can provide liability protection, tax benefits, legitimacy, and more!

The vast majority of new businesses are LLCs, and that’s probably what you need. An LLC is easy to set up and manage, provides liability protection for the owners, and is very flexible when it comes to making decisions about your taxes. If you're not sure what type of business entity you need, go with an LLC. That said, certain types of businesses may benefit from using a corporation (though we don't typically recommend selecting that option unless you are confident it's what you need).

Set Up Your Business in Less Than 10 Minutes

Join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have already formed their businesses with BincFile.

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